How Many States And Countries Allow Medical Marijuana?

Naturally, cannabis plant can be found in many countries, it will only matter when it comes to legality issues. Marijuana is a Mexican term that is often used identifying the cannabis leaves or plant. Based on statistics, around 147 million people or 2.5% of the world’s population, consume cannabis compared to 0.2% of those who consume cocaine and 0.2% consuming opiates. Over the past decades, there was a rapid growth of cannabis abuse. Since then, it has been linked to youth culture as the age of initiation is lower than of the other drugs.

Cannabis comes from the flowering plants of the family Cannabaceae. Its usage dates back from the third millennium BC in written history. It was in Islamic world that the first restriction was reported. It is a plant indigenous to Central Asia and subcontinents of India. Hemp is possibly the earliest cultivated plants due its usage  valued for fiber and rope, as food and medicine and for its psychoactive properties both in recreation and religious use.

Countries And States Where Cannabis Is Legal

In most part, 50 states in Unites States has a legal weed law. Many countries are in fact, legalizing the use of marijuana both as a “medical marijuana” and as a weed. Unfortunately, there are also few countries that doesn’t allow the use nor smoking the weed. If you are within the premises of France and Singapore, you would probably end up in the jail.

For the most part, there are more countries where it legalize, decriminalize, or socially mainstreamed cannabis or the use of it. These 26 countries, you might be surprise if your country is one of it, legalizes if not the law isn’t as stricter compared to those who didn’t.

  • Canada. Legalized the use of recreational marijuana in 2018. Growers were given permission by the federal government to grow and distribute the cannabis plant.
  • United States. Due to the laws implemented by different states, you need to know whether the state legalizes it or not. Even a few puffs or vaping of this weed could land you to jail, in some states. But altogether, US is under debate whether to legalize medical marijuana in the entire states, especially those with proven medicinal value.
  • Mexico. 5 grams or less are decriminalized.
  • Belize. They decriminalize 10 grams below of cannabis.
  • Costa Rica. It’s illegal but no penalties for carrying it.
  • Jamaica, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia, and Australia are countries that legalizes, if not personal usage is allowed.
  • Cambodia, Laos, Italy, and Ukraine are countries you can possibly smoke weed because of the loose policy but nevertheless, is not legalized yet.

North Korea, is rumored to have a legalized usage but there aren’t any confirmations to back it up.