CBD Oil for Children: Is It Safe for Kids with ADHD & Anxiety?

If you are a parent, you’ll beat to keep your son or daughter healthy.

You could have heard friends and family saying they’re using CBD oil with their children. If you don’t know what CBD is usually, don’t worry – I’ll clarify everything in this post, including why you might want to consider applying the supplement together with your children too.

Long story short, CBD means cannabidiol, an all natural compound on cannabis plants that has an array of results on your body and brain but is non-psychoactive, unlike THC.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of negative symptoms, from anxiousness to discomfort and inflammation.

It comes in many distinct forms, including CBD oil, capsules, edibles, drinks, vaping liquids, and topical goods.
But which CBD essential oil could be the best for your little one?

In this guidebook, you’ll learn about 3 brands that, I believe, deserve your attention as a parent.
I’ve also mapped out countless areas where CBD essential oil appears to be particularly effective, in addition to what to look for when looking for the very best CBD oil items for kids.

How to Find the CBD Essential oil for Your Kids

Several steps are involved in the production of CBD oil; all of them is definitely a make-or-break factor.

Top quality is paramount when investing in CBD oil for youngsters, so if you want to rest assured your cash goes in the right hands, I suggest researching the following information:

1. Hemp Source

It all begins in the soil.

Hemp is a powerful bioaccumulator. What will this mean?

It means it absorbs everything from the surroundings it’s cultivated in.

Essentially, when grown in tidy and fertile soil, the hemp will pull all the very good nutrients to grow strong, healthy, and produce lots of CBD.

But when the growing circumstances are inferior and the soil polluted – the plant can draw every contaminant, as well, resulting in inadequate sourcing material.

Having said that, I strongly recommend shopping for CBD from domestic farmers who grow organic hemp plants, regardless if they aren’t certified organic.

This ensures you’ll only get pure CBD oil that’s safe for your kid.

2. Extraction Method

The method where CBD oil is processed can tell very much about its quality.

Some producers use toxic solvents like propane and butane for extraction in order to avoid making CBD tinctures. The high-CBD bud is usually soaked in high-proof alcohol like Ethanol, therefore the cannabinoids and different hemp compounds could be extracted.

CO2 extraction calls for using pressurized CO2 at varying temperatures to obtain an oily extract, which is then suspended in a carrier essential oil (most often MCT oil). This technique is the golden standard in the industry.

3. Is It Full-Spectrum CBD Essential oil or Isolate?

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all phytonutrients from hemp, including cannabinoids (with trace amounts of THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils, whereas CBD isolate bears only clean, isolated cannabidiol.

While isolates provide highest dose of CBD per portion and so are more versatile than full-spectrum CBD (it has no odor no flavor), it lacks the synergy achieved by other hemp substances in the full-spectrum extract.

CBD oil obtained from the complete plant is believed to have a larger therapeutic value than isolate-based products and the user needs less CBD to achieve the desired impact. There is more scientific data supporting the idea about the synergy between cannabinoids, in particular when it comes to pain and inflammation.
I, too, believe full-spectrum CBD oil is a much better choice, but if your kid is allergic to particular constituents of the hemp plant – or you simply don’t want a good negligible volume of THC within their system – isolates could be your only option.

4. Third-party Testing & Lab Effects
Once a CBD essential oil is manufactured, companies can submit their products for third-party assessment, which is conducted by non-company staff to ensure the product is safe for consumption and consistent with the bottle’s label.

CBD oils should always feature details about third-party tests; if indeed they don’t, it will raise some red flags.

It’s all of the better if you see, the lab results accompany that information. Generally of thumb, companies that include lab email address details are generally better than those that aren’t open about them.

When buying CBD oil for your youngster, it’s necessary to choose the one that will suit their dosage needs. With children, I’d often go for the lower potency unless there’s a particular reason you want to provide them with CBD for.

CBD Essential oil Effects on Youngsters
CBD has coined its fame thanks to its anticonvulsant properties in children with rare varieties of epilepsy. Still, this cannabinoid can be capable of alleviating less severe conditions, too – not to mention it’s a great supplementation to keep your little pumpkin in good wellbeing in a natural way.

Below I review the most common uses of CBD essential oil in children and how it could improve selected health problems.

CBD Essential oil for Children With ADHD
If your child has an attention disorder – they quickly get overstimulated and also have problems with preserving focus – CBD can help with symptom management.
Research on CBD due to a potential treatment for ADHD is sparse. The majority of what we know about the link between these two stems from studies on cannabis all together, not the precise CBD compound.

However, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence from parents giving CBD to their children that CBD oil assists in managing their hyperactivity symptoms.

Moreover, a 2014 analysis published in Current Neuropharmacology suggests that at low dosages, CBD could be a wake-promoting agent, building users more alert throughout the day.

Interestingly, our sleep-wake routine largely will depend on our level of alertness throughout the day, so CBD oil also may help whenever your kiddo has problems drifting off to sleep at night.

CBD Oil for Kids With Stress and anxiety
CBD exerts several actions in the mind that regulate our brain’s response to the emotions of fear and anxiety. The study in this subject is mainly preclinical or based on animal studies, but there are thousands of testimonies from father and mother whose children found relief from anxiety in CBD oil.

But how exactly does CBD do the job for anxiety disorders?
Research suggests that cannabidiol inhibits serotonin reuptake found in the brain. In other phrases, it creates serotonin more designed for your body (2). With better control of your serotonin solutions, CBD could help stabilize mood and reduce anxiety.

The next benefit is associated with CBD’s ability to prompt the endocannabinoid system to create more of its natural cannabinoids (3). This includes anandamide – the endocannabinoid regulating emotions such as dread, bliss, and euphoria.

Insufficient anandamide production has been associated with low disposition or overreaction to anxiety triggers.

Much like serotonin, CBD stimulates the discharge of anandamide and assists it BalanceCBD (Best Overall)


  • Full-spectrum of phytocannabinoids
    Created from 100% natural ingredients
    Extracted with supercritical CO2
    Contained in premium-quality MCT oil
    Lab-analyzed for potency and purity
    The 250mg bottle is simple to dose
    In addition they sell CBD infused gummies


  • No mint flavored option

What I LOVE About BalanceCBD:

I remember receiving a press release from BalanceCBD shortly before their launch, therefore i couldn’t help but try their items – as I really do with any new manufacturer that grabs my attention.

I’m a visualizer, so I was instantly bought with the minimalistic design and style of their goods. Of program, I did some solid research in order not to rely solely on my gut, and it turned out this company comes with an unparalleled degree of transparency.

They explain everything about how exactly they source their hemp and what extraction they use because of their CBD oil. Not only that, however they were also in a position to demonstrate it with the laboratory results. I purchased two bottles – the 500mg (for me personally) and 250mg (for my two boys).

What I really like about BalanceCBD is that their full-spectrum oil does what it’s advertised to do – provides relief. My children rest better, they don’t get irritated so easily, and I can finally get them centered on their homework for longer than 3 minutes, which is a blessing for me.

Oh, and it doesn’t keep that botanical aftertaste on the tongue. I’m a enthusiast of everything related to hemp, but my boys don’t show my enthusiasm compared to that extent. Thankfully, the MCT oil does a stellar work at masking the organic hemp flavor.

2. Gold Bee (Very best Organic CBD Essential oil)


  • Created from US-grown, organic hemp
    Contains full-spectrum CBD
    1200 mg of CBD per bottle (40 mg/mL)
    Extracted with supercritical CO2
    Delicious Kiwi flavor
    Sweetened with organic honey
    Third-party tested for cannabinoid articles and purity


  • Only one concentration available
    Limited flavor options

What I LOVE About Gold Bee CBD Oil for Youngsters
Gold Bee offers craft-quality CBD oils that are well suited for kids, both with regards to their potency and substances. The company sources its CBD from organic hemp grown in Colorado, which is then delicately extracted applying pressurized CO2. Gold Bee’s farming and digesting practices yield 100 % pure CBD extracts that maintain steady potency throughout all batches.

The CBD oil contains full-spectrum CBD, meaning there are other cannabinoids and terpenes to aid the health great things about CBD. These compounds contribute to the much-preferred entourage result. Due to this fact, your kid needs less oil than they would if you gave them isolated CBD, causeing this to be product very affordable in comparison to competitor brands.

What I especially like about Gold Bee is that its merchandise contains only organic ingredients, including the honey in the CBD essential oil and the cane sugar in the gummies. The company is a secure pick for health-conscious parents.

3. Hemp Bombs


  • Sourced from 100% certified organic hemp from Europe
    Extracted with CO2
    Lab-tested for purity and potency
    Highly versatile – you can make use of it mainly because is or add it to food and drinks
    Obtainable in 5 potencies
    Less costly than full-spectrum CBD oil


  • Lacks the entourage effect from other cannabinoids
    Your children usually won’t need anything more powerful compared to the 300mg bottle

What I Like About HempBombs CBD:

HempBombs specializes to make 99% pure CBD products. These isolates can be found as tinctures, capsules, vape oils, or gummies.

I know that some parents – specifically those not used to cannabis – have a tendency to panic about any THC in hemp goods they give with their kids, so if you’re one of those parents, isolates might be a good starting place. Your child could be allergic for some plant compounds, CBD isolate might be the only option here.

Isolates are highly versatile. With all this, if your pumpkin hates the flavor of natural CBD oil, the isolate must do the trick as it’s odorless and flavorless. Because of that, you can even mix it with food and drinks to smuggle some CBD into your kid’s beloved muffins or a fruit salad dressing.

Remember that CBD isolate is purged from any cannabinoids apart from CBD, so there is no entourage impact. But as I said, with father and mother using isolate-based items, the potency of CBD is probable more important compared to the whole-plant synergy.

4. CBDistillery


  • Sourced from non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp
    Extracted with CO2
    Available as full-spectrum CBD or natural CBD oil (broad-spectrum, zero THC)
    Lab-tried for purity levels and consistency in potency
    Available in 5 different potency options
    Very affordable


  • Only available in the natural flavor
    Not certified organic

What I Like About CBDistillery:

A good veteran to the scene, CBDistillery never fails to deliver the best quality and safety specifications – both for men and women and children.

Their oil is sold in five unique potencies, from 250mg to 5000mg of full-spectrum or broad-spectrum (THC-free) extract. The 250mg CBD oil (my suggested potency for some kids) costs less than $20, so it’s a perfect product for parents shopping for CBD on the spending plan.

I love the fact that you can also get a THC-free version of this oil but still enjoy the benefits of the different cannabinoids that contain been preserved during extraction. I must admit it’s not really as effective as BalanceCBD, but it’s still a reasonable product. And for most young moms, this can be a golden mean between full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate.

Applying CBD With Kids 101
I receive plenty of questions from father and mother who would like to try CBD oil for their kids, but there’s so much confusion on the web that they get a lot more confused in the end.

So, my fellow mothers, I’ve selected the 4 most frequently asked questions about CBD oil for kids, and I’m going to explain everything found in the easiest way possible.

Can be CBD Oil for Kids exactly like CBD Oil for People?
Yes, it’s precisely the same product. Businesses don’t differentiate between CBD essential oil for kids or individuals.

However, because children weigh less than adults, I suggest that you operate on lower potencies. Kids usually need lower amounts of CBD to think the difference.
Besides, with a low-potency CBD oil (e.g. 250mg CBD per bottle), it’s easier to measure the dosage in the dropper because you can use a few drops rather than having to measure out, say, one-tenth of the syringe for correct dosing.

What Are some great benefits of CBD Oil for Kids?
CBD is a highly versatile supplement that has a special romance with this endocannabinoid system.

If you are giving CBD oil to your youngster for general supplementation uses, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved focus
    Better memory
    Higher alertness throughout the day
    Better quality of sleep
    Boosted immune function

On a practical notice, CBD is simple to use, has a longer shelf-life, and you can administer it to your son or daughter in many various ways.

What’s the simplest way to Use CBD With Kids?
It goes without saying that your kids won’t be vaping CBD oil or perhaps dabbing CBD concentrates because first, they’re also potent, and second – the consumption method is out of the concern for children.

Most parents opt for the sublingual method, that involves placing a few drops of CBD oil beneath the kid’s tongue. Once there, they have to hold it for about 30–60 seconds until the oil gets absorbed into the bloodstream, then swallow.

It may happen that your tot isn’t a lover of CBD oil’s distinct taste and can turn its mind away each time you try to administer it sublingually.

In the event that’s your story, I would recommend CBD gummies. Each gummy comes with a fixed dose of CBD – you can skip that nasty dropper portion – plus they are marketed in many scrumptious flavors.

I don’t need to tell you how much children like gummies, so this web form of cannabidiol is a fantastic way to give your little one the very best of both worlds.

CBD Essential oil Dosage Guidelines for Youngsters
The optimal dosage for just about any given CBD user – including children – depends upon their weight, metabolism, unique body, and desired effects.

For the pediatric people of CBD users, authorities suggest starting with 0.5mg of CBD per pound and acquiring this dose three times a day.

Starting low and slow permits you to adapt the dosage to how your son or daughter reacts to CBD without leading to any unwanted effects (electronic.g., dry mouth area or lightheadedness).

Quick Reference Chart for Children’s Dosages:

Weight (lbs) Low Durability Medium Power
30 pounds (13 kg) 2.6 mg 7.8 mg
40 lbs (18 kg) 3.6 mg 10.8 mg
50 pounds (23 kg) 4.6 mg 13.8 mg
75 lbs (34 kg) 6.4 mg 19.0 mg
100 pounds (45 kg) 7.5 mg 22.5 mg

Final Thoughts on CBD Natural oils for Kids
CBD oil is an excellent application for enhancing the quality of one’s life, not merely for adults also for children. As a result of non-psychoactive mother nature of CBD, this compound is doesn’t influence their mental production and comes with just a few mild part effects, such as dry mouth area or dizziness when consumed in much larger amounts.

I hope my guide has helped you get yourself a good understanding of what CBD oil is and how it can help your youngster live a better life. Now you can make a well-educated decision and by a high-quality product which will benefit everyone.

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